The must-visits in biarritz

e Garage Hotel Biarritz is ideally situated to go sightseeing in Biarritz in order to discover the most beautiful spots in town. Try a lovely gourmet stopover in the heart of Les Halles (covered market) on arrival. Follow us! We have made an itinerary for you, starting from the hotel, along the sea from the Biarritz Lighthouse to the Côte des Basques, explore a pretty 1-hour walk covering two kilometers which offers a breathtaking panoramic view. Download the City of Biarritz app to discover history along the way. You will find signs in remarkable historical places to find out everything about the heritage of this seaside resort.

Now follow the coast towards the Côte des Basques. On the way there, you will pass Hotel Regina, a superb Belle Epoque-style building, which opened in 1907. Further on, is the Hotel du Palais, this 5-star Palace was built by the Emperor Napoleon III for his wife. When you see the Art Deco-style Casino de Biarritz, you’ll know that you’ve reached La Grande Plage in the city centre.

cote des basques

The lighthouse in biarritz

Located only 400 meters from the hotel, do not miss the opportunity to see the Lighthouse in Biarritz up close. The coastal panorama at the foot of the Lighthouse is already magnificent, but imagine the 360 ​​° view from the top of the Lighthouse. This awe-inspiring vista can be seen for those who are brave enough to face the 248 steps to the top. From there you will see three rocks emerging from the water: the tomb which is the nearest, then La Frégate which is the large elongated rock and the Roche Ronde – a rock with a big hole in it. The latter is a geological monument emblematic of Miramar beach as well as an ornithological reserve intended to preserve the smallest seabirds in Europe: the storm petrel. Carelessly admire the waves crashing over the sandy rocks.

Le Rocher de la Vierge

You have arrived at one of the most emblematic places of Biarritz! It is a metal bridge built by Gustave Eiffel over the ocean and which leads to the rock where the statue of the Virgin Mary stands at the top. It was installed in 1865 and Napoleon III decided to pierce this rock and have it connected to the coast by a footbridge in order to build a dike. Legend has it that in the 19th century, during the whaling era, whalers were caught in a storm preventing them from reaching the port, when suddenly a divine light guided them. The survivors then erected this monument as a token of their appreciation. When the weather permits it, cross the footbridge and admire a spectacular view with the Grande Plage and the Lighthouse of Biarritz on one side and the Côte des Basques on the other side with the Pyrenees in background.

rocher de la vierge

The port-vieux beach

By continuing your seaside stroll in a northerly direction, you’ll arrive at a small beach called Port-Vieux. It is a magnificent rocky cove with incredible charm in the city centre. Sheltered from winds and waves, it offers safe swimming and crystal clear water. It was from Port-Vieux that fishermen originally went whale catching in the 7th century. The last whale was caught in 1686 and 100 years later, sea bathing replaced fishing. It was at Plage du Port Vieux, in 1859, that the first bathing establishment was built, with its cabins and tents for men and women and where generations of people from Biarritz have learned to swim. Even today, people come to the Plage du Port-Vieux to swim. We love its worn diving board embedded in the rock which is very photogenic.

cote des basques
villa belza cote des basques

The basque coast and la villa belza

Continue along the coast and you will come face to face with the mysterious Villa Belza. It dominates the immense bay of the Côte des Basques beach from the rock of Halde. It is a neo-medieval style villa built between 1880 and 1895 by the architect Alphonse Bertrand. You are on the legendary Côte des Basques beach, the cradle of surfing in Europe. On this immense sandy beach, surfers of all levels have a blast! The seascape is incredible and offers a beautiful unobstructed view of the Basque mountains in the open sea.

Stopover at the covered market in Biarritz

Has the lovely stroll mingled with ocean spray whet your appetite yet? Do not leave without passing through the Halles de Biarritz in the city centre. This colorful living space in Biarritz will amaze all your senses. Come and taste fresh oysters at a bar or on a terrace, accompanied by a glass of white wine, or try other local specialties. Inside, the stalls are a true paradise for foodies: greengrocers, bakers, cheesemakers, butchers, grocers, pork butchers etc. But also florists and other local businesses not to be missed! Les Halles is open every day from 7:30 am to 2 pm.

After all these wonderful local discoveries under sea spray, it is time to join the cozy atmosphere at Le Garage in order to extend the benefits of your stay in Biarritz.


Crédit photos Célile Perriné L’hermitte David Duchon Doris, Thomas Dalfarra, Erwan Esry