Surf à Biarritz - Hotel Le Garage

Surf trip in biarritz

The history of surfing on the Basque coast dates back to 1956, the first surfers discovered the joys of surfing the waves on the Basque coast and thus Biarritz became the cradle of surfing in Europe. The American, Peter Viertel was the first to surf the waves of Biarritz. Then the surfers Joël and Arnaud De Rosnay, Michel Barland, Jacky Rott, Jo Moraiz, Bruno Reinhard were the first local surfers to stand out in Biarritz and pass their passion on to future generations.

At the national level, it was Henry King’s film Le Soleil se lèvre (1957) that made the discipline known. In 1959 the Côte des Basques saw the opening of its first Surf Club: the Waikiki Surf Club.

You will have the luxury of enjoying some of the most beautiful surf spots in the world in Biarritz. Ideal for beginners, the mythical Côte des Basques remains the emblematic spot with its small waves that unwind in front of Villa Belza. La Grande Plage, in the city centre of Biarritz offers bigger waves. Le Miramar beach is the closest sandy beach to Le Garage Hotel Biarritz, it’s is an intimate surf spot with breaking waves on both a sandy and rocky bottom. Further south discover Marbella and La Milady offering other types of surfing conditions. When you stay at Le Garage, you are about 30 minutes from the Landes coast where you can enjoy the most beautiful beach breaks.

Spoil yourself with a surfing trip to Biarritz where you can learn how to surf or improve your skills. There are several surf schools to choose from. To discover the pleasure of surfing in complete safety, take advantage of lessons and surf camps supervised by qualified instructors. It is also an opportunity to try out other water sports such as longboarding, bodyboarding or stand-up paddling. Biarritz also has some of best surf rental shops on the coast where you can rent the board of your dreams for a weekend or on holiday.