Extra amenities

On request:

Telephone: Telephone: Essential numbers
For reception and room service dial 9. Police: 17, Fire Brigade: 18, Ambulance: 15, General: 112.

Wifi: free and unlimited. Available without a password. Name of the network: Hôtel Le Garage Biarritz

Pool towels: Two bath towels are available in your room, for additional towels we invite you to ask our hosts near the swimming pool.

Additional linen: duvets and blankets, square or rectangle pillows, memory foam or 100% feathers and children’s bathrobes. – Dial 9.

The Roberts Revival bluetooth speaker: You can stream music from bluetooth enabled devices. The name of the device is “RD-70”
1) Turn on the speaker
2) Activate the Bluetooth function on your device (phone, tablet or computer)
3) Press the Mode button on the speaker until Bluetooth mode is selected. It is “discoverable” when the LED is blinking blue and is already connected when the LED is blue and not blinking.

Room Service: Our team takes care of the rooms every day between 9 am and 5 pm.

Air conditioning: The air conditioning remote control is located on the headboard. A first touch allows you to exit the screensaver. Another touch gives you access to other features. The ON / OFF button turns the air-conditioning on or off, the arrows allow you to change the temperature and the ventilation icon allows you to change the speed of the fan. Other features are on demand. It is “discoverable” when the LED is blinking blue and is already connected when the LED is blue and not blinking.

The towel warmer: To use the towel warmer, all you need to do is press the ON / OFF button. The set temperature is 24°.

TV with Chromecast: TVs are equipped with this technology to allow you to watch all the applications on your phone: Netflix, Replay TV, MyCanal, beIN Sports, YouTube, Spotify, etc. Once the content is launched on TV, you can continue to use your phone normally. In 4 steps:
1) Connect your device to the Wifi network at Le Garage Hotel Biarritz
2) Turn on your TV
3) Change the source and follow the instructions that appear
4) On your phone, open the application of your choice and click on the Chromecast icon, your device is now connected to your TV.

The Minibar: On arrival you will find two bottles of mineral water. Aquapax, an environmentally conscious Tetra Pak size water bottle. Dial 9 for all other drink orders.

Lights: The room is equipped with a card reader at the entrance which is used to activate and deactivate the light in the room, to indicate to room service that cleaning can be done in the room, as well as to activate “do not disturb” mode. The sockets are independent. At the headboard, the top switch turns all the lights in the main room on or off. The bottom switch turns on the adjoining night light. Exterior lights can be turned on with the window switch.

The Safe: It is available in each room. The explanatory leaflet is inside. We are not responsible for the loss or theft of your personal effects.

Kits on request: Coffee, tea, shaving set, sewing, dental kit, shower cap and elastic, loofah, feminine set, comb, shoehorn, magnifying mirror, steamer and ironing board, umbrella, non-slip mat, sponge shoes, yoga mats, meditation cushion, cot & plug adapters – Dial 9.

Online press: We provide you with a wide range of national and international press, you just need to connect to the wifi network of the establishment and open the iOS or Android application:

Laundry: The hotel works with an external laundromat available from Monday to Saturday. Please drop off your laundry at reception before 10:00 am with the completed laundry form, which will be returned to you the following day in the afternoon.

The wake-up service: You have the possibility to program an alarm clock directly on your television in your room.

Green is the new black

Since the creation of our hotel in 2021, we have engaged in a wide-ranging reflection on how to offer a more sustainable and planet-friendly stay experience for our guests, while engaging and federating our teams in this approach.
In 2023, we took the decision to apply for the Green Key Label, in order to structure our actions across all sectors of our establishment, and we are currently implementing our action plan based on the values of sustainable tourism.
Today, we are proud to have ticked off a number of our objectives, and we continue to do so on a daily basis.
There are many areas of focus, grouped into major families such as purchasing, best practices, waste management, communication, awareness-raising and the social dimension, which is not to be outdone!
Things are moving forward for us, and we’re delighted to be able to guarantee you a new, meaningful experience, without impacting on your comfort.
Thank you for your support.
The entire Garage team.

At Hotel le Garage Biarritz, respect for the environment is a priority. Here are a few tips to make your stay unforgettable while preserving our beautiful Basque coast.

Biarritz, in the heart of the Basque Country, is an exceptional destination offering remarkable biodiversity in terms of both flora and fauna, as well as picturesque natural sites. In terms of fauna, the region is home to a variety of seabirds such as cormorants and seagulls on the coastal cliffs, while the beaches are home to seals, offering unforgettable moments of marine observation. It is recommended not to feed these wild animals. In terms of flora, the Basque coast boasts lush green landscapes, hills covered with pine and oak trees, and meadows dotted with wild flowers, creating an idyllic backdrop. Iconic sites such as the Rocher de la Vierge and the Biarritz Lighthouse add to the uniqueness of the destination, harmonizing the richness of biodiversity with the beauty of coastal landscapes.

Encouraging eco-friendly travel, the hotel offers bicycle rental to limit the carbon footprint. Two exclusive partners, Velektrix Biarritz and Maison Bicicletta, offer rental options. The team is on hand to help with bookings and advise on the best bike rides around Le Garage.

Six Biarritz beaches, including Côte des Basques, La Milady, Grande Plage, Marbella, Miramar and Port Vieux, have proudly been awarded the Blue Flag label. The label is awarded on the basis of four essential criteria: the overall environment of the beach, waste management, water management (sanitation and preservation of resources), and the implementation of educational initiatives to raise awareness. In addition, the bathing area must be classified as excellent quality.

Discover activities that promote local biodiversity during your stay:

*Explore the Plaine D’Ansot in Bayonne, a biodiversity conservation area close to the old town center, ideal for strolling and discovery.
*For local activities, visit Goicoetchea in Ossès, a heritage pottery workshop with a store and unique stringed pieces.
*L’Atelier du Piment in Espelette offers an authentic experience of pepper production, with tastings of unique flavors.
*At Ferme Antxondoa in Itxassou, discover the production of Ossau Iraty cheese and cherries, with cellar tours and tastings.
*Explore hikes such as the Mondarrain in the mountains, with its spectacular panorama, and the Jaizkibel at Cap du Figuier, for an experience between sea and mountains.

It’s up to you!

Help us keep our beaches clean. We’re pleased to offer you a very special challenge.
The principle is simple:
A bag full of garbage collected on nearby beaches = a free soft drink from a local producer! Bags are available at reception.

Protect our beautiful planet for the duration of your stay! As part of our efforts to obtain the Clef Verte label (the first sustainable tourism label for tourist establishments), we invite you to support us in certain actions during your stay with us:

*Reuse towels if possible, hanging them to dry rather than having them washed every day. We only change linens left on the floor. If you would like your bed linen changed, please place the wooden arch on your bed. If you don’t think you need your room cleaned every day, place the NO sign on the handle of your room or turn on the red light.
*Use the recycling garbage cans in your room to separate waste.
*Adopt eco-friendly gestures such as removing your room card to save electricity, turning off the air conditioning, unplugging unused chargers, and limiting the length of your showers.
*Take part in eco-friendly activities, such as exploring by bike or public transport.
*Local cuisine supports the local economy, with products sourced in the Basque Country and a focus on sustainable practices.
*Eco-friendly initiatives include composting, the use of energy-efficient equipment, coffee pod recycling, and the use of biodegradable products.
*Yoga classes, a mural by a regional artist, exhibitions by local artists, and electric charging stations are also available.

Guests’ suggestions for eco-responsible actions are welcome, underlining the hotel’s commitment to a cleaner planet.