Extra amenities

On request:

Telephone: Telephone: Essential numbers
For reception and room service dial 9. Police: 17, Fire Brigade: 18, Ambulance: 15, General: 112.

Wifi: free and unlimited. Available without a password. Name of the network: Hôtel Le Garage Biarritz

Pool towels: Two bath towels are available in your room, for additional towels we invite you to ask our hosts near the swimming pool.

Additional linen: duvets and blankets, square or rectangle pillows, memory foam or 100% feathers and children’s bathrobes. – Dial 9.

The Roberts Revival bluetooth speaker: You can stream music from bluetooth enabled devices. The name of the device is “RD-70”
1) Turn on the speaker
2) Activate the Bluetooth function on your device (phone, tablet or computer)
3) Press the Mode button on the speaker until Bluetooth mode is selected. It is “discoverable” when the LED is blinking blue and is already connected when the LED is blue and not blinking.

Room Service: Our team takes care of the rooms every day between 9 am and 5 pm.

Air conditioning: The air conditioning remote control is located on the headboard. A first touch allows you to exit the screensaver. Another touch gives you access to other features. The ON / OFF button turns the air-conditioning on or off, the arrows allow you to change the temperature and the ventilation icon allows you to change the speed of the fan. Other features are on demand. It is “discoverable” when the LED is blinking blue and is already connected when the LED is blue and not blinking.

The towel warmer: To use the towel warmer, all you need to do is press the ON / OFF button. The set temperature is 24°.

TV with Chromecast: TVs are equipped with this technology to allow you to watch all the applications on your phone: Netflix, Replay TV, MyCanal, beIN Sports, YouTube, Spotify, etc. Once the content is launched on TV, you can continue to use your phone normally. In 4 steps:
1) Connect your device to the Wifi network at Le Garage Hotel Biarritz
2) Turn on your TV
3) Change the source and follow the instructions that appear
4) On your phone, open the application of your choice and click on the Chromecast icon, your device is now connected to your TV.

The Minibar: On arrival you will find two bottles of mineral water. Aquapax, an environmentally conscious Tetra Pak size water bottle. Dial 9 for all other drink orders.

Lights: The room is equipped with a card reader at the entrance which is used to activate and deactivate the light in the room, to indicate to room service that cleaning can be done in the room, as well as to activate “do not disturb” mode. The sockets are independent. At the headboard, the top switch turns all the lights in the main room on or off. The bottom switch turns on the adjoining night light. Exterior lights can be turned on with the window switch.

The Safe: It is available in each room. The explanatory leaflet is inside. We are not responsible for the loss or theft of your personal effects.

Kits on request: Coffee, tea, shaving set, sewing, dental kit, shower cap and elastic, loofah, feminine set, comb, shoehorn, magnifying mirror, steamer and ironing board, umbrella, non-slip mat, sponge shoes, yoga mats, meditation cushion, cot & plug adapters – Dial 9.

Online press: We provide you with a wide range of national and international press, you just need to connect to the wifi network of the establishment and open the iOS or Android application:

Laundry: The hotel works with an external laundromat available from Monday to Saturday. Please drop off your laundry at reception before 10:00 am with the completed laundry form, which will be returned to you the following day in the afternoon.

The wake-up service: You have the possibility to program an alarm clock directly on your television in your room.